Student Proofreading Offers

We offer all students a 10% discount on their first submission. This is particularly helpful for those students who are yet to be convinced of the benefits of employing a professional proofreader to review their essay or dissertation.

Once you see the results you’ll realise that it is money well spent.

Our proofreading service isn’t just about checking for spelling mistakes; it’s about making sure that your arguments are strong, that your writing flows well, that your referencing is done properly, that you’re using the correct level of language. It’s about ensuring that all of the elements of a well written essay or dissertation are in place so that you can get the highest marks possible.

Please complete the following fields and you will be provided with a discount code for your first academic submission.
  • Please provide details of your first piece of work including the total word count and a brief description of your area of study/research.