Publisher Submission

If you’ve got a book that you want to get in front of the eyes of publishers, but you’ve got no idea how to go about it, then this publisher submission service is for you.

Having liaised with publishers for many years, we understand exactly what they want, and more importantly, what they don’t want to see landing on their desks.

By working with JMD we can ensure that you submit exactly the right information, in the right format, and to the right people.

We will then continue to liaise with the publishers on your behalf, and hopefully hand you over to them at the point when they’re ready to talk contracts!

In summary:

  • An experienced editor will read your manuscript and provide feedback and advice regarding its potential to secure a publishing deal
  • The editor will then create a submission pack containing a cover letter, author biography, a brief synopsis and sample chapters
  • We will then research and compile a list of the most appropriate publishers who have open lists, and are willing to take on material such as yours
  • We will then make the initial contact using the submission pack, tailoring the pack to suit each publisher’s requirements
  • We will continue to liaise with the publishers until we receive a yes or no answer regarding your manuscript
  • We also provide an option to continue to liaise with publishers on your behalf during the print process, in order that we can help you with design, proofing and marketing decisions


Please note that in providing this service we are in no way guaranteeing that you will secure a publishing deal but we hope to give you the best possible opportunity of doing so.

For writers who are looking to self publish their book, we can also advise you on this process, pointing you in the direction of reputable self publishing companies, and if required liaising with them on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss the self publishing options available to you.

Publisher Submission Service

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