Getting the spelling and grammar right is essential, whether you’re writing a dissertation, job application or business proposal. But it is all too easy to make careless mistakes when writing, especially when writing long documents or dissertations.

And if you make mistakes you’ll lose credibility, which could lead to you not getting the grades, the job or the business.

This is where our thorough proofreading service becomes invaluable.

Our professional proofreading service covers the following types of proofreading:

Dissertation proofreading
When proofreading dissertations, our proofreaders not only identify and correct all spelling mistakes and grammar errors, but they also check that all references adhere to the required guidelines, for example; Harvard Style, APA style or Oxford style.

Essay proofreading
Our trained, UK proofreaders will identify and correct all spelling mistakes and grammar errors, as well as identifying any inconsistencies in style or content. Helpful comments may also be provided as part of the proofreading service, with these comments providing hints and tips for improving the essay’s content or structure.

Thesis proofreading
As with our other academic proofreading services, when proofreading a thesis, our proofreaders will identify and correct spelling and grammar errors, identify and correct any inconsistencies in writing style and provide commentary on the content with regards to flow, style and comprehension.

Manuscript proofreading
JMD’s manuscript proofreading service offers a thorough review of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Our trained proofreaders will correct any spelling mistakes, grammar errors, style inconsistencies and formatting issues.

If your manuscript requires a more robust review then you should utilise our copy editing service, which allows for more in-depth editing and deals with areas such as characterisation, plot and dialogue.

Business documentation proofreading
Proofreading business documentation is essential to ensure that your business gives the right impression, every time. Whether it’s packaging, tender bids, letters or marketing material, proofreading will keep print costs down and ensure your business doesn’t come across as careless and unprofessional.

ESL proofreading
Our ESL proofreading service is specifically for students and individuals who do not have English as a first language. Our experienced, UK proofreaders are able to work with these individuals to improve their writing and their understanding of the English Language.

Within all of our proofreading services, any necessary corrections will be made directly to the document, with these changes being tracked so that you can accept or reject them with ease.

To have your work proofread by one of JMD’s proofreaders, all you have to do is:

  • Use the drop-down list on the right to select how many words are in your document
  • Upload your file using the ‘Choose File’ option
  • Select your desired completion date
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Complete all of the required contact details
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Make payment via PayPal as directed
  • A proofreader will track and correct all spelling and grammar errors
  • Your word perfect document will be emailed back to you


It couldn’t be simpler to ensure your written work gives the right impression.

If you are looking for a more in depth edit of your work then why not try our comprehensive copy editing service?


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