Copy Editing

If you’re looking for more than a basic proofread then you should utilise our copy editing service. Our editors will correct all spelling and grammar errors as well as make suggestions for improvements to the written content.

This may involve re-writing sections of your work or posing questions that will help you to consider alternatives to the work you’ve produced. This service is particularly helpful for writers looking for feedback on their manuscripts.

Please note that if applied to academic work (essays, dissertations, coursework etc) small sections of content may be re-written to improve the flow or use of language, however there will be no re-writing of large areas of content to an extent that would mean the work can no longer be deemed the student’s own. The editor will however, make in depth suggestions as to how you could improve your work yourself.

Our copy editing prices are extremely competitive and represent excellent value for money as you receive thorough and professional commentary as well as a full proofread and edit of your work.

JMD’s copy editing service offers:

  • Proofreading of spelling
  • Proofreading of grammar
  • Proofreading for inconsistencies in style, language, formatting and content
  • Editing content to improve flow, sense and readability


To access JMD’s copy editing services, all you have to do is:

  • Use the drop-down list on the right to select how many words are in your document
  • Upload your file using the ‘Choose File’ option
  • Select your desired completion date
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Complete all of the required contact details
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Make payment via PayPal as directed
  • A copy editor will review your document, track and correct all spelling and grammar errors, and make changes to the content
  • Your word perfect document will be emailed back to you


It couldn’t be simpler to ensure your written work is the best it can possibly be.

Copy Editing

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