Proofread Your Website, Avoid the PR Disaster

It's an exciting day, the launch of your company's new've added every contact in your address book to the mailing list, and your Twitter and Facebook accounts are ready for the big announcement. You know that this new site is exactly what your business needs to attract new customers, and the group mailshot will [...]

Your vs. You’re

This morning I thought I'd provide you with some helpful advice which should ensure you always use the correct version of your or you're. The two words sound the same but have different meanings, and if you interchange the two you will find that your sentence probably won't make sense. Looking at the first word, [...]

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Are you getting your message across?

I just received a text message from a friend, it was short and sweet, only six words in length, but unfortunately it should have been seven! And in missing out that one vital word, the whole message became confusing, unclear, and actually had a totally opposite meaning to the intended message.A very simple example of [...]

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Too, Two or To?

It's Monday morning, it's cold outside, and I thought I'd ease you into the week by taking you back to basics; let's talk about two, too and to.These three little words can ruin or make a sentence, which in turn means they have the potential to make the writer look grammatically intelligent or grammatically ignorant. [...]

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How to Prepare A Manuscript for Submission to Publishers

Once you've finished writing your manuscript you'd be forgiven for thinking that the hard work ends there; in actual fact if you want to stand even half a chance of securing publishing success then you need to work very hard to prepare your manuscript for submission.The first task is of course to at least proofread [...]

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There, They’re, Their…Get it Right Once and For All

One of my absolute pet hates is the incorrect use of the words their, they're and there. I know from the groups set up on Facebook that I'm not alone in getting frustrated when the wrong word is chosen; although I should also acknowledge that there are clearly more important things in the world to [...]

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