Top Tips for Writing Poetry

If you love writing but have so far stayed well clear of the realms of poetry then this blog post is for you. Until recently, I too was a poetry virgin, until I came across these top tips, which I'd like to share with you now.Firstly, there are two ways to start writing poetry, the [...]

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How to Edit Your Work When Your Writing’s Not That Great

If writing isn't your greatest strength yet you still have the desire and the willingness to write, there's no reason why eventually you can't produce writing that reaches very high standards. The secret to success in this situation is to edit, edit and edit again.All writers, no matter how great they think they are, or [...]

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Why Edit an Email?

When writing a letter, whether typed, or the 'old fashioned' way; with ink, most individuals will take care to write properly. By properly, I mean using correct spellings, grammar and sentence structure; furthermore, when writing letters there is an almost subconscious effort made to be extra polite, addressing and signing off the letter formally. However, [...]

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Sir Peter is ‘Booked’

 The former editor of The Times, Sir Peter Stothard, has just been announced as the head of the jury for the Man Booker Prize 2012. The literary expert is the current editor of the Times Literary Supplement, and is reportedly looking forward to adjudicating the prize "within its great traditions".The award which boasts a £50,000 [...]

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Is the demise of pen and paper a bad thing?

The New York Review of Books recently wrote an interesting blog on the subject of the diminishing use of the traditional pen and paper. The thought provoking piece reminded me of the beauty of seeing handwritten words; letters formed with patience, care and attention to detail. An attention to detail that is far too often [...]

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Welcome to JMD Editorial and Writing Services

Welcome to the first blog post for JMD Writing and Editorial Services. I suppose I should start by providing you with a brief introduction to the company, which was established in 2011 to help clients see the written word achieve objectives, whether that’s securing business, achieving grades or getting published. Offering proofreading, copywriting, copy editing, ghost writing [...]

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