It’s an exciting day, the launch of your company’s new website…you’ve added every contact in your address book to the mailing list, and your Twitter and Facebook accounts are ready for the big announcement. You know that this new site is exactly what your business needs to attract new customers, and the group mailshot will be just the thing to remind current customers about your business and what you do.

You hit send.

You feel proud.

Then moments later the horror, the regret, the disappointment…

A glaring spelling error shining out at you from the homepage, and another on the services page, and another and another.

You were so caught up in the excitement that you forgot to proofread your new website, and now thousands of people are studying it and seeing just how unprofessional your business is.

Not exactly the PR success you were hoping for…and yet it could have been so easily avoided.

When it comes to websites, spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to miss, they could be unintentionally inserted when the content is first written, or new errors made as the content is transferred into the site itself. And like most written material, once you’ve read something more than a couple of times, when you read it again and again, you start to see what you think should be written, rather than what is actually written.

The simple solution to this is to get a third party professional to proofread your site for you, it’s not an expensive service, and in the long run it could gain you business, and help you to avoid a PR disaster.

For more information about getting a proofreader to check you company’s website for spelling and grammar errors visit our proofreading page.