Yes, it’s back, and for those who didn’t quite manage to take part last year, this is a little reminder to say that once again it’s nearly time to get involved with National Novel Writing Month.

From the 1st – 30th November, writers all over the world will be taking up the challenge set by and attempting to write at least 50,000 words of a novel.

This dedicated month is a real blessing for some frustrated writers, who, for whatever reason find themselves procrastinating about putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys as is the norm nowadays. But the beauty of NaNoWriMo is not just in being given a dedicated time period to get writing, the website also offers a lot of support to writers in the form of pep talks from other authors, links to local events for writers, and a forum full of like minded people who are also struggling to bring out the inner novelist when faced with working full time, being a parent, generally all the things that get in the way of trying to write.

Signing up is easy, you simply click on the link on the home page, choose a username, and fill in a few basic details. Once you’ve done it you’ve officially taken the first step towards writing your novel, so no more excuses, sign up today!

Once you’ve finished your novel the next stage is to have it reviewed by a copy editor. The copy editing process means a professional¬†will not only check that there are no spelling or grammar errors, but they’ll also give you advice on how you can improve your novel in terms of your writing style, characterisation, voice, plot etcetera.

Good luck!