Now the chaos of December is over, and January’s well intended resolutions have disappeared like a plate of comfort food on a cold winter’s night, now’s the time to take a breath and think about setting yourself a more realistic challenge for 2013.

Most people tend to set themselves physical challenges, perhaps to get fit, or to run a marathon, or to make more effort with friends or family, but it’s also important to challenge your mind from time to time, and to explore your own creativity.

It’s not necessarily about writing the next challenger for the Booker prize, or trying to get your masterpiece in the Tate Modern, it’s just about opening your mind to seeing that there’s more to life than the latest app, or what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter.

If you take a moment to to look out of the window, look at nature, or even just watch your children playing, you start to appreciate the bigger picture. Taking the time to admire a rainbow, or stand in the rain for a second, rather than just running through it with a scowl on your face, can be really therapeutic, and quite often, inspiring. And once you’ve found that inspiration there’s no reason why you can’t then turn it into something creative, perhaps pick up a sketchpad and draw, write a few verses of poetry, or my personal favourite, re-visit that novel that you’ve been writing and putting away for years.

Being inspired by the simple things in life can lead to you creating something quite amazing; it’s a challenge that all of us have the ability to take up, and the ones that do may just find that they have a real talent; who knows, taking up the challenge could lead to you being the next big thing in writing, art, music…the opportunity is yours.


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