This morning I thought I’d provide you with some helpful advice which should ensure you always use the correct version of your or you’re.

The two words sound the same but have different meanings, and if you interchange the two you will find that your sentence probably won’t make sense. Looking at the first word, your, without the apostrophe; this word refers to something belonging to someone. For example, your car, your mother, your nose.

The second word, you’re, is actually two words brought together by an apostrohpe. The apostrophe cleverly joins a number of words together to form new, more succinct versions of the words, for example, can and not are joined to form can’t. In you’re, the two joined words are you and are. So, if you’re uncertain which version to use, say the two separated words out loud in the context of your sentence and see if it makes sense.

Try these tests and see if you can pick the right choice: (Answers below)

  1. What do you prefer on ……….. toast, butter or margarine?
  2. “……….. looking beautiful today.”
  3. Get ………… bag quickly,…………. going to be late!


  1. What do you prefer on your toast, butter or margarine?
  2. “You’re looking beautiful today.”
  3. Get your bag quickly, you’re going to be late!
I hope that helps, and if you’re still having problems then feel free to ask me to make the final decision.
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