This morning’s breakfast news presented some very interesting debates (so much so that I was late for work; it’s a good job I work for myself!). The first debate was regarding the presence of women in senior job roles, and trying to understand the reasons why so many women don’t reach the Board, or indeed don’t have any aspirations to reach the Board.

Of course, this debate is not a new one and not one that there is currently a scientific answer to. Is it because business is institutionally sexist? Is it because girls are not encouraged to strive for more? Is it because the ‘disruption’ through motherhood really is bad for business? Is it because the sacrifices that have to be made in order for a women to achieve business success, are just too great? Or are women just not genetically built to be successful within the cut-throat world of business?

All of these possibilities have been muted and debated for a long time, but my gut feeling is that women have different ideas about what it is to be successful. And I would even go so far as to say that the majority of women would not consider ┬ábeing a senior executive the ultimate success. I believe that a woman who can find a balance between career satisfaction, managing family life, maintaining friendships, being happy within a relationship, keeping fit and healthy, and having time for themselves, will actually feel more of a success than the woman who can solely head up a corporation but to the detriment of all of the other factors. And it is this desire to have a happy medium within all aspects of a woman’s life which leads to them not being willing to push for more in their careers.

That said, I best get on with some work