A news report out this weekend, commented on the fact that the presence of social media channels is changing the way that employees are being recruited. Maybe worryingly for some, employers are frequently scouring the pages of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get an insight into the person behind the CV. With this in mind, should we be editing our social media usage, or limiting our tweets to ensure we always stay on the right side of professional? Or is it better to stay true to ourselves, and let the employer know what they’re really taking on, even if that is someone who ends up drunk and sprawled out on a pavement somewhere on a Saturday night…of course with their good friends standing by ready to take a snapshot, which will be posted on Facebook and tagged with their name before they’ve even finished their kebab. (Or as in this picture, someone who gets so drunk they don’t realise their ‘friends’ have shaved their head).

One rule which many people try to stick to is that if they wouldn’t say it to their mum or grandparent, then they shouldn’t say it at all. That way you can be a little more certain that you’re not likely to offend anyone. And of course there is the option to be ruthless with your privacy settings, turning social media into relatively unsocial media.

However you choose to deal with the issues, I think the real message is that as job seekers, and as individuals living by a certain reputation, we just need to be aware that most of us do have some kind of internet footprint, and if an employer wants to follow those footprints, then they just might!

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