This last week has been wet to say the least. The rain has put a dampener (excuse the pun) on things on more than one occasion, and I won’t mention the impact it’s had on the hair of women everywhere…men, take note…it’s not our fault! But with the wet stuff failing to show any signs of remorse, we need to change our thinking and see the good side of this dreary weather. Well, my first thoughts are that you get to spend quality time, tucked up at home with your loved ones.

But if there’s a limit to the amount of time you’re willing to do this, then perhaps consider tucking yourself away on your own and putting pen to paper, or, as is probably more likely, fingertips to keys.

Writing can be therapeutic, fun, emotional, enjoyable, and sometimes profitable. And if you’re anything like me, the gloomy skies and the constant patter of raindrops is an almost sure fire way to bring out the creativity within. So why not use a rainy day to stop moaning about the great British weather, and the ‘wettest drought in history’ and start writing. Give it a go today!

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