Have you looked at your CV recently; do you even have a CV? If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding no, then you need to make time in your hectic schedule to review or write a current CV.
If you’re in the slightly more fortunate position of only having to review your CV then there a few tips I can offer that should help to ensure your CV is doing you justice.

Firstly, your opening profile should reflect the skills and experiences that you hold today, often as your career and your life progresses you find that new skills are developed or indeed become more significant in your job role. Therefore a quick edit of your profile will allow you to reflect who you are now, not who you were five years ago when you first drafted your CV.

Review the education section of your CV, have you completed any additional courses, or in-house training, if so, you must make sure it’s on there. Internal training courses are very often forgotten, as people tend not to consider them as ‘education’ as such, but they all go towards demonstrating a broad skill set and a willingness to keep up to date. And finally, make sure your most recent role, responsibilities and achievements are on your CV.

If you don’t have a CV at all, then you’re probably one of the fortunate people who’ve managed to secure employment without going through the regular recruitment channels. However, although its a┬ábit of a gloomy statement to make, you never know when you’ll next need to start sending your CV out, and if it’s written and all ready to go then this experience will be at little less stressful, and will hopefully secure you a job with a little more ease.

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