If you’re a female over the age of 25 and you haven’t heard about Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, then quite frankly, “Where have you been?”

This book is to the thirty something woman, what Judy Blume’s Forever was to young teenage girls. It’s explicit, daring and seemingly tapping into the fantasies of women everywhere. Its success, has without doubt been down to word of mouth, exaggerated by the availability of social networks, and it seems that women just can’t get enough of it…the trilogy being read and re-read within days. It is a triumph, especially for those who are sick of reading about wizards and vampires; this book deals with humans, getting down to basics and then testing their limits.

I have to admit I am a fan, but regretfully I do feel that the book could have been afforded one final edit, as proofreading errors are commonplace and repetition of phrases or words leaves me feeling the book isn’t quite up to scratch; is it really necessary to use the word ‘unbidden’ so frequently? That said, it is well worth a read, for the shock factor if nothing else.

Let me know your thoughts…