When it comes to writing cover letters, job seekers tend to harbour a fear about what they should or should not include within these mystery letters, but the secret to success is quite simple…keep it simple!

A cover letter isn’t meant to be a lengthy tale of job seeking woe, or your life story, it really is just a ‘note’ to say, ‘Hi, I’m writing to you because I’d like to work for you.’

Obviously, that’s a heavily edited version of what a cover letter should contain, but you get the gist!

Your cover letter should be three paragraphs in length, the first to introduce your reason for writing, the second to give a brief background to your skills, experience or interests, and the final paragraph to explain how you can be contacted and to thank the reader for their time and consideration.

It’s not rocket science, and providing you present your letter neatly, with absolutely no spelling or grammar mistakes, then you should successfully cross the first hurdle of the employer going on to read your CV, which is a whole other story, to be continued…

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