I just received a text message from a friend, it was short and sweet, only six words in length, but unfortunately it should have been seven! And in missing out that one vital word, the whole message became confusing, unclear, and actually had a totally opposite meaning to the intended message.

A very simple example of how proofreading can be the key to ensuring you get your intended message across clearly. A thorough proofread can also help you to assess whether you’ve applied the right tone, one which will ensure your message is delivered effectively.
Why not test my theory? For the next three things you write today, whether its an email, text message or blog, take a moment to proofread them; read them out loud, check for spelling mistakes, review your use of punctuation, and consider whether there are more appropriate words you could use to get your point across.
The best writers and the most careless ‘texters’ will always benefit from the services of a proofreader.
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