The New York Review of Books recently wrote an interesting blog on the subject of the diminishing use of the traditional pen and paper. The thought provoking piece reminded me of the beauty of seeing handwritten words; letters formed with patience, care and attention to detail. An attention to detail that is far too often lost with the use of typing, smartphones, laptops, IPads etc, as all of these options offer the opportunity to delete any errors, which in turn gives the typist a free reign to include or ignore errors in every draft. The power of the backspace is undeniable, it means we can write without care, without thought and without our words being set in stone (or ink). But is that necessarily a bad thing? When writing creatively, being able to type as our mind creates means authors can write with a free abandon, something many will say is the key to some of the greatest ideas, characters, plot lines etc. So while the traditionalists continue to debate that the pen is mightier than the keyboard; perhaps we should consider exactly what the keyboard gives us. Would I have written this piece in one take? I think not.
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