With Christmas fast approaching (only 17 days to go), writers should be looking to make the most of the festive season. Christmas and the accompanying holiday period has the potential to be a great time for writers, whether it’s gathering observational material or just having more spare time to write, all writers should see this time of year as a turning point in their writing, helping them to commence or progress their next project.
Seasonal holidays generally mean families coming together, and where people are spending protracted periods of time all under one roof, it provides the perfect opportunity for writers to observe the many facets of relationships, and watch the ways in which individuals interact and communicate. In the picture perfect Christmas scene this would be entirely made up of moments of joy, goodwill and happiness, but in the real world this will probably consist of bickering, arguments and tears, smattered with a few morsels of laughter, peace and love.
I wouldn’t advise staring at your relatives with your pen and notepad poised but you should take the time to appreciate what’s happening around you on all levels; it could help you to form or develop characters, improve the way in which you write dialogue or even give you a good idea for a plot or sub-plot.  And once you’ve found your inspiration in your great aunt’s idiosyncrasies, or your mum’s breakdown about overcooked brussel sprouts, use the remainder of the holiday period to start writing. By the time the New Year comes around you should be well on the way to starting or maybe even finishing your novel.
Good luck!
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