Today it was revealed that a former constituency labour party chairman, Tom Griffin, had his chance to become an MP blocked because of ‘concerns about his CV’. It has been reported that Mr Griffin’s CV was written in such a way that it appeared he had previously worked as a special advisor to the Ministry of Defence, when in actual fact he was employed as a researcher. The differences between the facts and the content of his CV were deemed material enough for Labour’s National Executive Committee to leave him off of the MP shortlist.

This is just one of many examples where, when it comes to your CV, as with life, honesty is always the best policy. Tom Griffin may have felt like a special advisor if his research role led him to provide advice, but  he was never formally employed in such a role and as such his CV should have been clear about the truth.

Exaggerating the facts, or redefining your role is a definite no when it comes to writing your CV. If you do gain employment as a result of untruths on your CV, you may find that you struggle to fulfil your new role having embellished the skills you possess. An employer will expect you to be able to carry out the tasks you have declared on your CV and more importantly they will want to employ an honest member of staff; being dishonest from the offset will not set you on the right path and could even lead to criminal proceedings being taken. So always, always tell the truth.

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